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Working out with Kids - Aleta Chapman

Mother? Overweight? No time? No energy? WANT TO CHANGE THIS? Read on...

Are you a mother with kids or babies between birth and 4 who wants to do something about your weight, your energy and your fitness? But you can't work out because you are minding the kids and have no time? YES you can!

Most mothers find getting through the normal day with kids is hard enough, let alone finding that bit extra organization, time and energy it takes to fit in a decent workout. And this is even more difficult if you didn't do much exercise before your babies came along.

Forget trying to take kids along to classes, to the gym or to the pool. Forget having to find baby-sitters. Who has the time and the money? Why not do what this mom did and do something from your doorstep and - USE YOUR KIDS AS YOUR WORKOUT.

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