Write your OWN Bestseller!

Ever wanted to put something down in words? A family history, some poetry, a diary or even just a work of fiction. You may even like to write about your life or travel experiences.

Think of all the books which have been written about a huge range of topics.

Now is your chance to write and have your book for sale in a real online bookstore - at BookFound.com. Here it will be available to thousands of customers every year.

Imagine telling your friends you have a book for sale in a bookstore?!

Best of all, as you are self-publishing your work there are no publishers, printers or agents needed.

Some Tips to Help You....

Are there any page restrictions on my ebook?

There are no limits on the number of pages for your book.

What format does my ebook have to be in?

Your ebook should be saved and presented in PDF format. This is the most accessible for eReaders. It should be presented in a clear and concise format. Works which are not presented clearly will be removed from sale.

Will certain types of books sell better?

Customers will look at all sorts of books on our website. To increase your chances of selling more copies of your book and appearing on our homepage you can take the following steps:

  • Either design a cover for your book or engage someone to do it for you. People DO judge a book by its cover.
  • You can either consult an editor to work on your book or at least have someone read it and check it for errors.
  • Keep your price low.

What happens if a publisher wishes to publish my book?

You are free to negotiate and try and convince publishers to look at your work. This is very hard to do. If a publisher wishes to publish your work, there is nothing stopping you from doing this. Proven sales from BookFound.com will help you achieve this goal. Publishers also do use BookFound.com so it is great exposure for your book.

Are there any sorts of books you will not list for sale?

BookFound.com abides by the laws governing what can be listed for sale in our jurisdiction. For example we will not list books for sale which contain offensive material. As you are self-publishing your work you must take all necessary steps to ensure you are not breaking any laws.