Floyd's Fjord Fiesta


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Floyd's Fjord Fiesta
Details: ISBN: 0718143035 , Michael Joseph , 1998 . Book Condition: Good Condition (ex-library). Jacket Condition: Good. 224 pages. Binding is tight, covers and spine fully intact. Dust jacket protected in clear, plastic sleeve. Ex-library with usual marks, stamps, stickers.. An account of Keith Floyd's culinary adventures from the Arctic wastelands of Lapland, through Sweden and Denmark, to Norway's fjords and Greenland. Floyd's recipes are integrated into his travelogue of the people, places and food he experiences Quantity Available: 0. Category: Cooking, Wine & Dining; ISBN: 0718143035. ISBN/EAN: 9780718143039. Inventory No: 12102208.

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Floyd's Fjord Fiesta Floyd's Fjord Fiesta

Floyd, Keith

Details: Michael Joseph , 1998 . Hardcover. First Edition. Book Condition: As New. Jacket Condition: As New. Floyd's recipes are interspersed with his observations of Scandinavia. Many colour photographs.
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