Fact Or Fission? : The Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions


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Fact Or Fission? : The Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions
Details: ISBN: 192076903X , Scribe Publications , 2003 . Book Condition: Good Condition (ex-library). 323 pages. Binding is tight, covers and spine fully intact. Tanned pages. Clear, self-adhesive laminate to covers/boards. Ex-library with usual marks, stamps, stickers.. The dichotomy of Australia's nuclear policies from 1945 through current times is investigated in this analysis, which is based on previously classified files and interviews from former Australian diplomats and politicians. Evidence is presented of the government's apparent bow to commercial pressure, the ensuing compromised safeguards controlling the export of uranium, and the development of an international reputation for its opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Offering the view that the government's positions on nonproliferation were implemented to suppress antinuclear groups, the book cautions that these relaxed standards and the government's adoption of American nuclear weapons policies threaten Australia's national security. Quantity Available: 0. Category: Politics & Government; ISBN: 192076903X. ISBN/EAN: 9781920769031. Inventory No: 12102458.

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