The Wolf King


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The Wolf King
Details: ISBN: 0006483879 , Voyager , 2001 . Book Condition: Near Fine Condition. 375 pages. Lightly tanned pages. This book appears to be unread. Compelled to leave her life with Maeniel in his mountain stronghold, Regeane is drawn back to her father's Saxon roots in order to defend their lands, their souls, and their way of life from Charlemagne. Faced with such a powerful and implacable foe, there seems to be little choice left to Regeane. She must try to find a way to get close to the most powerful ruler in the world, and put a stop to the persecution of her shapeshifter kin for ever. Beautifully written, richly detailed and magnificently told, this brings a unique and breathtaking trilogy to a triumphant close. Quantity Available: 0. Category: Fiction; Historical; ISBN: 0006483879. ISBN/EAN: 9780006483878. Inventory No: 13010135.
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The Wolf King The Wolf King

Turnbull, Ann

Details: Scholastic Book Services . A near fine paperback. 1st printing 1977.
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