The Silver Wolf


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The Silver Wolf
Details: ISBN: 0006483852 , Voyager , 1999 . Book Condition: Very Good Condition. 460 pages. Lightly tanned pages. Reading creases to spine. A richly atmospheric historical fantasy about shapeshifters struggling to survive in the decadent city of Rome during the Dark Ages. Rome is mired in crumbling grandeur. Into the Eternal City comes Regeane, a young woman distantly related to Charlemagne, and as such an unwilling pawn in the struggle for political power. But unknown to all, she is a shapeshifter: woman and wolf. Betrothed to a barbarian lord she has never seen, she is surrounded by enemies. The most notorious, her depraved uncle and guardian, who will betray her to the Church unless she aids him in his sinister schemes. If the Church discovers her secret she will burn at the stake. Outside the gates of Rome there is a mysterious dark wolf who seems to offer Regeane a wildly seductive new life, yet as her marriage looms plots and deadly counterplots tighten like a noose around her neck. Fast-paced, sensual and rich with historical detail, The Silver Wolf will place Alice Borchardt squarely in the front rank of contemporary women writers. Her intricate plot and hypnotic voice will cast a spell few will be able to resist. Quantity Available: 0. Category: Fiction; Historical; ISBN: 0006483852. ISBN/EAN: 9780006483854. Inventory No: 13010136.
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The Silver Wolf The Silver Wolf

Alice Borchardt

Details: Ballantine, 1999, Paperback. . Near Fine. | | Into decadent Rome of the Dark Ages comes Regeane, an enigmatic young woman distantly related to Charlemagne. But the blood she has inherited from her murdered father makes her much more than a child of royalty. Regeane is a shapeshifter?woman and wolf, hunter and hunted?possessed of preternatural agility and strength, primal memories extending back thousands of years, and senses so keen they can pierce the veil of death itself. Betrothed to a barbarian lord she has never seen, Regeane is surrounded by enemies. But outside the gates of Rome, baying at the moon, there is a mysterious dark wolf whose scent awakens the animal in Regeane. Now, as deadly plots tighten like a noose around her neck, Regeane must fight to live with dignity as the proud creature she is: civilized and savage, partaking of both, yet infinitely more than either
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The Silver Wolf The Silver Wolf

Borchardt, Alice

Details: Del Rey , 1998 . Hardcover. Book Condition: Fine. Literature & Fiction. Near fine in near fine dust jacket. First edition
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