The Frankston Murders : True Story of Serial Killer Paul Denyer


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The Frankston Murders : True Story of Serial Killer Paul Denyer
Details: ISBN: 1877006009 , Port Campbell Press , 2005 . Book Condition: Near Fine Condition. 240 pages. Lightly tanned pages. On 11 June 1995, Elizabeth Stevens disappeared on her way home from Frankston. She was found the next day, dead. Her throat had been cut and a strange criss-cross pattern had been carved into her chest. While police hunted her killer, Paul Denyer was planning his second murder. Debbie Fream vanished on her way to buy milk at a local shop, leaving her 12-day-old baby with a friend. When her body was discovered four days later, Victorian Police suspected they had a serial killer on their hands. Three weeks later, Denyer killed again. While police frantically hunted the killer, residents of Frankston and its surrounding suburbs began locking themselves in their homes. Fear in the community was palpable and thousands of people signed petitions to bring back the death penalty. When Denyer was caught, detectives listened for hours while he described the killings. He showed no remorse. Vikki Petraitis covers the chilling crimes of a serial killer, the police investigation and Paul Denyer's subsequent arrest and trial as well as the effects of the murders on the families of the victims. Quantity Available: 0. Category: True Crime; ISBN: 1877006009. ISBN/EAN: 9781877006005. Inventory No: 13010187.

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