A Rape of the Soul so Profound : The Return of the Stolen Generations


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A Rape of the Soul so Profound : The Return of the Stolen Generations
Details: ISBN: 1864488859 , Allen & Unwin , 1999 . Book Condition: Good Condition (ex-library). 236 pages. Lightly tanned pages. Clear, self-adhesive laminate to covers/boards. Ex-library with usual marks, stamps, stickers.. The story contained in this volume began when a young researcher accidentally came upon restricted files in an archive collection. What he read overturned all his assumptions about an important part of Aboriginal experience and Australia's past. The book ends in the present, 20 years later, in the aftermath of the Royal Commission on the Stolen Generation. Along the way, Peter Read investigates how good intentions masked policies with inhuman results. He tells the stories of many individuals, some of whom were forever broken and some of whom went on to achieve great things. The book explores the sorrow and occasional madness, the actions of a government which pretended things didn't happen and the opportunities offered to right a great wrong. The author coined the phrase Stolen Generation Quantity Available: 0. Category: History; Australiana; Indigenous Cultures. ISBN: 1864488859. ISBN/EAN: 9781864488852. Inventory No: 13030099.
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