Death In Paradise


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Death In Paradise
Details: ISBN: 0207166846 , Collins/Angus & Robinson , 1990 . Book Condition: Good Condition. Edgewear and creasing to covers. Tanned pages. Auckland, New Zealand, July 10, 1985 The world witnesses a great tragedy, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior by the French. Had the bomb been triggered a few hours later Monique Monet, France's legendary sex siren and once most-cherished daughter, would have been on board. Monet is ready to relinquish her citizenship to fight against French nuclear testing in the Pacific and ready to fly the flag of Greenpeace. French intelligence, however, is not prepared to let the world see Monet disown her country. A chance meeting between expatriate journalist Jonathan hunter and Monet's new lover, the enigmatic Jean Claude Duffer, takes all three of them on a perilous odyssey through the Pacific. Hunter is on to the greatest scoop of his career.that is, if he survives to tell the tale. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Fiction; Thrillers; ISBN: 0207166846. ISBN/EAN: 9780207166846. Inventory No: 08110010.

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Details: Very Good
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Death In Paradise Death In Paradise

Derryn Hinch

Details: Angus & Robertson , 1990 . Paperback. First Edition. Book Condition: Very Good. 269 pages. Minor creasing to spine, edges and corners of cover.
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Death in Paradise Death in Paradise

Hinch, Derryn

Details: HarperCollins Publishers Australia , 1989 . Hardcover. First Edition. Book Condition: Near Fine. Jacket Condition: Very Good. 271 pp. A few small chips on cover. Owners name on title page. Light wear on lower edge ofcover.
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