WG Grace : An Intimate Biography


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WG Grace : An Intimate Biography
Details: ISBN: 1843580950 , Metro Books , 2004 . Book Condition: New. Multiple copies available this title. From his emergence as a teenage prodigy to well past his 50th year, W.G. dominated the game of cricket, taking 2,876 first-class wickets and scoring 54,896 first-class runs in a career lasting an incredible 43 years, from 1865 to 1908. His beard and massive frame made him instantly recognizable wherever he went, and his gamesmanship and wit were legendary. Using contemporary accounts of W.G.'s greatest innings, many for the first time, Robert Low presents a radically new image of the sportsman who was recognised as the preeminent athlete of his day. Quantity Available: 7. Category: Biography & Autobiography; Sport, Fishing, Hunting, Guns. ISBN: 1843580950. ISBN/EAN: 9781843580959. Inventory No: 08010050.

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