Nathan's Switch


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Nathan's Switch
Details: ISBN: 1852138556 , Orchard Books , 1995 . Book Condition: Good Condition. Couple of creases on cover and edgewear. What would you say if I told you I'd discovered a switch that could take you back in time? Nathan asked Gav at break. I'd say wou were stark, raving bonkers, said Gav. McKay's automatic time dial has amazing powers. It can switch Nathan back into the past - inside the body of someone who lived then; seeing it, hearing it, smelling it. It helped him with his history homework. But can it help him get his parents back together? To make things like they used to be before Mum walked out. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Children & Young Adult; Teenage Fiction; ISBN: 1852138556. ISBN/EAN: 9781852138554. Inventory No: 07030842.

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