The Silent Witness - Windswept #12


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The Silent Witness - Windswept #12
Details: ISBN: 0590325523 , Scholastic , 1983 . Book Condition: Good Condition. Jacket Condition: Good. Alexander has been told by a schoolmate, Blossom Culp (more about her later), that he has second sight and it isn't long before events prove her right. He sees and eventually talks to the ghost of a young Creole girl from the Civil War era who is haunting the barn. She warns him of an impending trolley car wreck and thus makes him a hero. His mother is appalled, but Blossom is delighted. So is Uncle Miles who is not to be squelched even by his sister-in-law. It is Miles who knows the secret story behind the ghost whose body must be first dug up and then laid to rest. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Children & Young Adult; Teenage Fiction; ISBN: 0590325523. ISBN/EAN: 9780590325523. Inventory No: 06110231.

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