Knight of Stars and Storms - Tudor Chronicles #4


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Knight of Stars and Storms - Tudor Chronicles #4
Details: ISBN: 1842551507 , Orion , 2006 . Book Condition: New. The fourth of six thrilling Tudor adventures, by the bestselling author of the Horrible Histories. The Marsden family are deep in debt and in danger of losing their home, Marsden Manor. Sir James Marsden sets sail for London to sell a cargo of coal to save the family fortunes, taking Will Marsden and Meg the serving girl along. But someone seems to be out to get them .When Sir James recounts his adventures sailing the Pacific with Sir Francis Drake, Will and Meg work out a plan of action. Pirates, spies and sea captains feature in Terry Deary's tale of suspense set in Tudor times. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Children & Young Adult; Teenage Fiction; ISBN: 1842551507. ISBN/EAN: 9781842551509. Inventory No: 07120095.

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