The Van Gogh Conspiracy : A Novel


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The Van Gogh Conspiracy : A Novel
Details: ISBN: 1596873485 , Ibooks , 2006 . Book Condition: Near Fine Condition. The discovery of a new painting by Van Gogh hidden in the barn of a rural French farmhouse sets the art world spinning. The Van Gogh Museum authenticates the painting, and the poor French family in whose barn it was discovered stands to collect millions. But a holocaust survivor claims the painting is actually his, and was stolen from him by the Nazis. He hires a team to help him prove that the bill of sale he has in Van Gogh's handwriting is authentic. The international investigation leads to the discovery of another never-before-seen Van Gogh, and the revelation that someone working in the Museum has access to an entire horde of famous paintings stolen by the Nazis during World War II--and has been secretly sending them to former Nazis so that they can sell them at auction and make millions. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Fiction; Thrillers; ISBN: 1596873485. ISBN/EAN: 9781596873483. Inventory No: 07090001.

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