Rendezvous With Life


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Rendezvous With Life
Details: ISBN: No ISBN , William Blackwood & Sons , 1958 . Book Condition: Good Condition. Jacket Condition: Good. Dust jacket price clipped covered in mylar cover, bumping and shelfwear, pages yellowed. There are millions of star galaxies - of which The Milky Way is but one-and in the expanding universe these are rushing outwards away ffrom each other at hundreds, some at thousands of miles every second. Our planet was born in a remote corner of the Milky Way perhaps three thousand million years ago, and jelly-like protoplasmic life first appeared in the seas a thousand million years ago. Then came plants, fishes, insects and land animals. By way of amphibians and reptiles we reach the dinosaurs, 'the terrible lizards' which lorded the Earth for a hundred million years. Early man entered the scene about a million years ago, and we only passed from the Stone Ages into the primitive Iron Age a mere three thousand years ago. Today man, this new arrival, is probing the secrets of atoms and viruses, seeking to use or control them, and is searching the universe with giant radio telescopes and scheming to visit other planets. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Science & Technology; Inventory No: 06120311.
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