The Last Mazurka : A Tale of War, Passion and Loss


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The Last Mazurka : A Tale of War, Passion and Loss
Details: ISBN: 1845131924 , Aurum Press , 2006 . Book Condition: New. 348 pages. Multiple copies available this title. The shot Count Hieronim Tarnowski fired on his wedding night in 1914, on the eve of the First World War, was like a tocsin that sounded the doom of his ancient Polish family. When in August 1939 his daughter Sophie saw blood pouring down the side of her train, she foresaw a terrible future and knew her idyllic world would be swept away. Thirty years later, when Count Hieronim's British grandson Andrew learned of the death of his mother - the beautiful, fragile and abused Chouquette - his sense of a lost identity deepened and he set out to rediscover the world from which he came. These moments punctuate a tale of the downfall of a once-powerful family, which in turn mirrors the twentieth-century fate of a nation ravaged by invasions and crushed by tyranny. Quantity Available: 19. Category: Biography & Autobiography; ISBN: 1845131924. ISBN/EAN: 9781845131920. Inventory No: 09010094.

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