The Wrong Kind of Blood


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The Wrong Kind of Blood
Details: ISBN: 0719568404 , John Murray Publishers , 2006 . Book Condition: As New. Remainder mark. Ed Loy hasn't been back to Dublin for twenty years. But his mother is dead, and he has returned home to bury her. He soon realizes that the world waiting for him is very different from the one he left behind all those years ago.'Tommy said you found people who were missing', Linda Dawson tells him the evening of his mother's funeral. Linda's husband has disappeared. She doesn't want the police involved. So reluctantly, Loy agrees to investigate. Suddenly in this place where he grew up among the Georgian houses, Victorian castles, and modern villas of Castlehill, Loy finds himself thrown into a world of organized crime, longhidden secrets, corruption, violence and murder. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Fiction; Crime; ISBN: 0719568404. ISBN/EAN: 9780719568404. Inventory No: 07110478.

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The Wrong Kind of Blood The Wrong Kind of Blood

Declan Hughes

Details: John Murray, 2007, Paperback. . Very Good. | B Format (7
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