Born of Empire - Chronicles of Kydan #1


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Born of Empire - Chronicles of Kydan #1
Details: ISBN: 140503596X , Pan Macmillan , 2004 . Book Condition: As New. Multiple copies available this title. The mighty Hamilayan empire has never been stronger. The Empress Lerena of the formidable Kevleren dynasty is sending an expedition, led by her cousin Maddyn, across the Deepening Sea to expand its borders and counter moves by its nearest neighbour and greatest enemy, the kingdom of Rivald. But problems emerge. Lerena's unstable sister, Yunara, has been thwarted in love, and this makes her dangerous. Like all Kevlerens, she is able to harness the might of the Sefid, a field of seemingly limitless power beyond the grasp of ordinary people. The object of Yunara's obsession, the banished Maddyn, has defied Kevleren law and is having a child with a commoner. Lerena fears what destruction Yunara's anger may unleash. Then news of an uprising against the ruling Kevleren family in Rivald reaches Hamilay. When the catastrophic truth behind the revolution is revealed, Lerena finds herself facing the greatest challenge to her power. The conflict between empire and kingdom is ignited, and both the old and the new worlds will be threatened by the fire of magic and war. Quantity Available: 11. Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy; ISBN: 140503596X. ISBN/EAN: 9781405035965. Inventory No: 06120859.
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