Saucer : The Conquest


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Saucer : The Conquest
Details: ISBN: 0752868659 , Orion , 2004 . Book Condition: New. Rip Cantrell and former Air Force test pilot Charley are back! When Charley takes a job flying space-planes to the moon for the French lunar base project, she finds an anti-gravity beam generator, a weapon that the crazed project director intends to use to make himself ruler of the earth. Charley steals the plane and returns to base.In retaliation, the French kidnap Rip's uncle and force him to fly the saucer hidden in Area 51 to the moon - and the only thing capable of catching it, is the original Antarctic saucer - now stored in the National Air and Space Museum. The chase is on.! Quantity Available: 1. Category: Fiction; Thrillers; ISBN: 0752868659. ISBN/EAN: 9780752868653. Inventory No: 07120020.

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