Letters from Tel Mond Prison : An Israeli Settler Defends His Act of Terror


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Letters from Tel Mond Prison : An Israeli Settler Defends His Act of Terror
Details: ISBN: 0684831805 , Free Press , 1996 . Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New. 280 pages. Multiple copies available this title. American-born West Bank settler Rapaport has compiled a set of letters he wrote to his family and friends from January 1987 to February 1996 while jailed in Tel Mond Prison. His incarceration resulted from a planned act of terrorism: in 1982, Rapaport was instrumental in bombing the car of Bassam Shaka, a PLO supporter and mayor of the Arab town of Nablus, which blew off Shaka's legs. Rapaport subsequently fled to the United States, where he remained for five years before returning to Israel and arrest. An ultranationalist and fervently religious man, he was an intellectual follower of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook and later an activist and leader in an underground movement of Jewish settlers opposed to the Israeli government's attempt to remove them in favor of a politically motivated agreement with neighboring Arab states. The author shows no remorse for his act of violence and justifies his behavior on religious grounds. Quantity Available: 4. Category: True Crime; ISBN: 0684831805. ISBN/EAN: 9780684831800. Inventory No: 08010072.
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