The Dream Merchant


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The Dream Merchant
Details: ISBN: 1406301825 , Walker Books , 2006 . Book Condition: Very Good Condition. Has a large corner crease on cover. Unread book Josh Cope is just an average boy. So why is an international corporation so convinced that he is the key to conquering their new market: the past? Drawn into a whirlwind adventure, Josh finds himself in the middle of a nightmare, caught in Umaya , a place between dreams and reality. To find his way back, Josh and his friends must follow a trail that takes them through many adventures, to the core of human nature and to the furthest ends of time itself. Quantity Available: 1. Category: Children & Young Adult; Teenage Fiction; ISBN: 1406301825. ISBN/EAN: 9781406301823. Inventory No: 08010210.
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