End Games


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End Games
Details: ISBN: 9780571236169 , Faber & Faber , 2007 . Book Condition: New. Multiple copies available this title. The final installment in this award-winning series brings Italian police detective Aurelio Zen to remote Calabria, where the Venice-born-and-bred detective feels uncomfortably like a foreigner. It's a routine assignment, and Aurelio Zen is biding his time in Calabria while the locals go about their mysterious business. Routine, that is, until an advance scout for an American film company suddenly vanishes. Beneath the surface of a tight-knit traditional community--with secrets and loyalties that go back centuries--violent forces are at work. Zen is determined to find a way to penetrate the code of silence and uncover the truth behind a brutal murder. However, his mission is complicated by another secret that has drawn strangers from the other side of the world on a hunt for buried treasure - a search that has been launched by a single-minded player with millions to spend pursuing a bizarre and deadly obsession. Quantity Available: 3. Category: Fiction; Crime; ISBN/EAN: 9780571236169. Inventory No: 09010060.
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