A Boy of Good Breeding


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A Boy of Good Breeding
Details: ISBN: 0571229816 , Faber & Faber , 2006 . Book Condition: New. Multiple copies available this title. Knute is a twenty four year old single mother who returns home to Algren with her daughter, Summer Feelin', to look after her father Tom, who has suffered a heart attack. Hosea Funk, a friend of Tom's and the mayor of Algren has a lot on his mind. The prime minister has promised to pay a visit to whichever town in Canada has the smallest population. Algren has held this position for some time but recent baby booms and returning families, like Knute's, threaten to tip Algren over the magic 1500. As Knute is reunited with Max, SF's father and Hosea finds himself compromised by his own additions to the population count, we find ourselves drawn into the warm, intimate heart of this funny, feel-good novel. First published in Canada in 1998, now being put back in print all over the world following the success of A Complicated Kindness, A Boy of Good Breeding is a funny, warm-hearted novel about families which have been split up but are inexorably drawn back together. Quantity Available: 20. Category: Fiction; Romance & Women's Fiction; ISBN: 0571229816. ISBN/EAN: 9780571229819. Inventory No: 09010016.

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A Boy Of Good Breeding A Boy Of Good Breeding

Mirima Toews

Details: Vintage Canada , 2005 . Paperback. Book Condition: Very Good. 237 pages.
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