Dead on Time - How and Why Barry George Executed Jill Dando


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Dead on Time - How and Why Barry George Executed Jill Dando
Details: ISBN: 1857823648 , Blake Publishing , 2002 . Book Condition: New. Jacket Condition: New. 311 pages. Multiple copies available this title. On April 26th 1999, an unknown gunman killed Jill Dando with a single bullet, fired into the back of her head. Cold, clinical and merciless, this was a hit that sent shock waves across the country. The police were baffled. Jill Dando was the archetypal girl-next-door and viewers warmed to her friendly, attractive, genuine persona - she was the least likely murder victim imaginable. Scotland Yard's response mirrored the public outrage, and a force of sixty detectives was given one of the highest budgets ever allocated to a murder enquiry. Everyone has their own theories as to what happened, but John McVicar is the only criminologist ever to have been on both sides of the fence, the one man who understands the workings of the criminal world in minute and finest detail. Now, in this extraordinary book, he takes the reader inside the murder squad and its investigation, and reveals to the public for the first time exactly what the police know. Quantity Available: 3. Category: True Crime; ISBN: 1857823648. ISBN/EAN: 9781857823646. Inventory No: 08010231.
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