Processing your BookFound Orders

Processing your BookFound orders

Order processing with BookFound is simple. If you are used to processing book orders jump to the sections below 'To Process an Order Immediately' and 'Requesting Extra Postage'.

All your BookFound orders will arrive via email. The initial email will include all the information you need such as:

  • The details of the book ordered
  • The delivery suburb and country so you can work out if extra postage is required
  • Links to process the order or request extra postage

All orders need to be updated whether they are unavailable or not. This lets the customer know in a timely manner if their order has been filled.

There are two links to press:

  • A link to mark the book available or unavailable immediately
  • A link to ask for extra postage from the customer

To process the Order Immediately (Available or Unavailable)

Click the link on the email where it states: 'Please confirm you will supply the book to the customer by updating the order here'

This will take you through to your BookFound account at . Enter your username/email and password and you will taken straight to your order page. You will see a list of all your BookFound orders with the latest at the very top. Any orders requiring action will be marked as 'Pending'. You can choose to either mark them as 'Available' or 'Unavailable'.

To view the details of an order you can select the cross on the far left hand side of the screen - this shows you all the details of the order.

When marked available or unavailable you will be sent an email confirming your actions. The email for available orders will also include full book details, delivery details etc. If marked available you can now send the book!

Requesting Extra Postage

Requesting Extra postage should be a last resort as customers will have the chance to cancel their order with you if they do not wish to pay extra.

To request the extra postage click on the link provided in the initial email. 'If you need to request extra postage do so here....'

You will be taken directly to your account where you can login with your username/email and password. The following screen will be displayed where you can input the amount of extra postage you require as well as a reason for the customer.

Once the customer has received your request for extra postage they can either choose to accept it or decline. Please note if the customer accepts your extra postage charges your order will automatically be updated to available and confirmed. We will let you know again via email.

If the customer rejects your request for extra postage the order is automatically cancelled.